brian half headSince graduating with a Piano Performance degree from Western Michigan University in 1993, I  have made a career of creating music in a wide variety of forms and genres. This variety of work as well as knowing what it takes to compose on my own as well as work with ad agencies, individual artists and bands, has given me a broad musical basis to draw from. I enjoy learning what people want and need musically, and then bringing even more to both the process and the result than they expected.


I live in Granite Bay, CA between Folsom and Roseville, about 30 minutes from downtown Sacramento, and an 90 minutes or so from Lake Tahoe. Living somewhere beautiful, outside the “rat race,” certainly helps the creative flow. I work in my well sound-proofed recording studio called “The Stickhouse,” which is an ideal place for creating and mixing music. My studio is built around a Pro Tools HD Native Thunderbolt system, running Pro Tools HD 12 and Logic Pro, depending on the functionality I need for each particular project. High-end mic-pres handle live recording, and I have a substantial library of Virtual Instruments and samples which cover any genre, from orchestral to hip-hop.

I’m married to June (a fantastic painter ), my wife of almost 25 years now. Our sons, Zane and Nate are ages 17 and 13.Copyright :: Treacy Mize Photography

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